Monday, May 31, 2010

Guess What!

So following my previous post, when the most exciting news I could come up with was our new salt and pepper mills, I'm happy to be able to share that Eliot and I got engaged this weekend! He popped the big question on Saturday and of course, it never even crossed my mind to say "no." I am the happiest girl in the world right now. We haven't planned anything yet, and probably won't until I get back from China. But I'm excited to share the great news!

Here's Eliot's reaction after I said yes.

~Look how excited he is to be getting married!~

~After I tell him how much a wedding normally costs.~


~"It's okay sweetheart, we don't have to spend that much."~


Matthew Roddy said...

yea!! joey and i are so excited for you both and are itching to hear the story, see ring pics, and whatever else you want to share. and if we made add our two-cents, whatever is to come of this engagement, we really hope you both take the last name "hamilthorne" ;)

Amy McDonald said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! That is so exciting :) Congrats! Give Elliot my best.
I knew it would be coming along at some point.... :)

samantha said...

As much as I knew this day would eventually come (you two are made for eachother), I'm still SO EXCITED to hear that it has!! Congratulations beautiful, I'm so happy for you!

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