Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Melting!

Wow! It's gotten hot here. This week it's been up in the 90's but with humidity it's been feeling like it's around 105. I don't mind the heat so much, I definitely prefer it to the cold, but Eliot doesn't handle it quite as well. He has a condition we refer to as "showering." It started at ActionQuest down in the Caribbean and every time I'd see him he'd be pouring with sweat and I would make some comment like, "Was it raining down in the engine room locker?" So needless to say he tends to prefer cooler weather. But right now in little Fuyang it's hot, humid, there's no wind and there's no water to cool ourselves off in (unless we want to go jump in the dirty river).

So nothing really new going on with us. We've been trying to get some stuff packed up to ship back so SA. I've been finishing up my last few weeks at my Chinese school and trying to cram as much vocab and grammar into my head as possible. Right now my head is spinning, but I'm really happy with what I've managed to learn in such a short amount of time. Eliot's job has 2 prototype boats going right now. A 37' power cat and a 38' sail cat. He's hoping they launch the 37' before we leave, it would be a nice way to end our time out here in China.

So since Eliot only has every other weekend off we are planning on going and seeing something new for the last few weekend that we do have. No sure where we're going to go this weekend, but I'll definitely be documenting it. We're thinking either a place called Thousand Island Lake (a huge lake with tons of islands) or going out to the coast and going to see another little island we heard about.

Since the photos are the best part, here some that I took of our little town. Some are from last weekend and some are from during the winter time when it was a bit colder.

Riverside dinner with friends.

From the top of Dong Wu park.

The sampan boats coming in to sell their goods.

Playing cards to pass the time.


River Town

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