Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hong Kong- Is this really part of China?

This weekend we headed south to the former British territory of Hong Kong. We stepped into a completely different world than what we were expecting. We didn't even believe we were truly in China anymore because everything was so different. The people had a very distinct Hong Kong look, the food was different, it was incredibly clean to the point where if you even thought about coughing on the subway without covering your mouth you would get dirty looks from people sharing your carriage. This is so different from where we live where people cough, spit, and even urinate in the streets (or on the buses but that's a different story). Anyways, to say the least, we had a wonderful time soaking up some western comforts and exploring yet another part of the world. Hong Kong is a huge city on a group of islands in the South China sea, and transport between the islands is pretty easy. So in addition to the city we also were able so spend a day at a very quiet beach, catching some rays and enjoying some ice cold refreshments. We even made a trip up to see our old friend, Buddha. While doing so Eliot and I discussed how if we were to practice a religion it would have to be Buddhism because we have visited more Buddhist temples, pagodas and religious shrines than any other religion. I guess that's what happens when you've been to 6 different Asian countries.

all places we've been to...

Lotus plants

View from "The Stoep"- A little South African restaurant at the beach.

At "The Lady's Market" in the city.

Crazy architecture in this city.

On the way up to the highest point in HK for a better view of the city.

Dinner at "Simpatica"- delicious Pizza Margherita and red wine...

Oldest clock tower in HK

We took the ferry across the harbor to check out the other water front.

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