Monday, November 2, 2009

Kruger National Park- Part II

2nd installment of Kruger photos. The giraffe were so beautiful and I was in complete awe of them. They seem like they're moving slow, but with those long legs they cover a lot of ground really quickly.

Tall horse

Tongue in nose. This was a little guy, you can tell by the light coloring.

We watched this guy for a while. This watering hole was surrounded by hyenas (not pictured) and the zebra weren't quite brave enough to get near it, but the giraffe didn't have much of a problem. We could tell he took some time looking around before crouching down into this awkward position. It can't be too easy to get out of in a hurry.

I thought it was really cool getting some shots of him in this position.

Slowly the zebra started gaining more confidence and went for the water.

Everywhere you look in the Kruger there's some sort of antelope hanging out, feeding on grass or small bushes. Seemingly unafraid of the cars, but always on the lookout for something else lurking in the grass.

Water Buck: Nuzzling or getting ready to have it out? I think they were friends ;-)

Impala: Definitely had the biggest presence in the park.

Steinbok: We thought these ones looked like Bambi. Completely full grown, but probably wouldn't come up past my knees.

More impala. These ones actually were having it out.


I couldn't believe how many vibrantly colored birds we saw. All different shapes and sizes, and a lot of personalities. Here's just a handful.

Horn Bill

Saddle Billed Stork: Endangered in South Africa and less than 100 in Kruger.

Pink Stork

I can't remember what this guy was called, but he was so pretty and whenever he did his little song he would put his head straight down and shake his whole body.

Grey "go-away" Bird: Not sure how he got the name.

Water Thick-knee

These guys were harrassing us at breakfast and this one took off with the bacon fat I'd left on my plate.

Yellow Billed Kite: Feeding on something in the early morning.


Vulture drying out his wings.

Vulture sitting on a nest.

I'll post the last of them tomorrow! It's nice stretching my weekend adventure out over a few posts. Tomorrow you can look forward to lions, rhinos and other critters!

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Derrick said...

Derrick says that Africa looks cool. Sounds like you'll be getting some company soon when your folks and Ben and Jen come, wish I could make the trip, I thought hard about it. Things could get out of hand, and you know how I love kaos. Bring it!
love ya..............D-

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