Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Senior Photos: Anthony

Remember your senior year of high school? I was so ready for mine to be over. So ready for...I don't even know what, but I just wasn't loving school anymore (not that I ever did), all up until the very end. Then I was sad it was over. I really was going to miss the dances and the carefree feeling (although it didn't seem like that at the time) of being young, before you had any real responsibilities. I can't say now, "I wish I was back in high school" cause I don't, but so much has changed since then, and I definitely look back on my high school years fondly.

I wasn't huge into having senior portraits done. But my best friend had a good camera and was in photography class so she did mine for me. It was so much fun. We took out my dad's sailboat onto the bay (although there was no wind), and put up the sails. I wish I had that photo here right now to show you, because it's a good reflection of my high school experience and how much fun we had during that time.

So here is a spunky senior who I recently did portraits for. His name is Anthony and he has tons of ambitions and ideas going on for him. He's ready to take on the world and the many punches it has to throw his way.

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