Friday, December 4, 2009

Hittin' The Ground Running

This was the only way to describe Ben and Jen's visit to Cape Town. We had 5 solid days to do as much as we could and I think it's pretty fair to say we did it. We were making fun of Jen because she had a blue folder that she pulled out every morning filled with maps and brochures and tons of other stuff so we could "plan" the day. It was basically already planned for us.

~Enjoying a nice cold PBR at the Cape of Good Hope on Jen's birthday~

~The punishing hike up Table Mountain~

~Critters along the way~

~Busy Bee~

~And gorgeous views~

~How much further to go?~

~Yeah, that much~

~West Coast National Park~

~Wine tasting in Stellenbosch: we went to this great place that was herding ducks around. They use them to eat all the slugs and other pests that get onto the grape vines, rather than using pesticides. They were so cute~

~Some had really cool hairdos too~

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