Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sewing Projects (Made in China)

Since we've been here I've had a bit of spare time and in an effort to avoid going completely stir crazy I started looking for a new hobby. I've been having ideas of sewing projects and decided to try and get a sewing machine. You'd think that would be easy here in China since probably 90% of sewing machines are made here, but it turned into quite the task. Eliot and I searched Hangzhou, I looked when I was up in Shanghai, we recruited many Chinese friends to try and help us find one, and we still had no luck. Finally, one day at work one of the Chinese guys on the factory floor overheard Eliot asking someone about it and brought in a business card of someone he knew who owned a sewing machine shop right in Fuyang! We couldn't believe all the searching and there was one right in our little town. So we got it home and I still needed a table to put it on. We found a small desk and Eliot cut a rectangular hole in it for the sewing machine to sit in, so the part you run the fabric through is flush with the desk. It's a bit older machine and I really have to be careful not to sew anything very thick, but it's been really fun to play around on. Here are some photos of a few of the things I've done. I haven't had a pattern for anything and so nothing I've made is symmetrical in any sort of way. But like I said, it's all just been for fun. Also, please excuse the model in a couple of the photos;)

These are quilts I made at Christmas time for my niece Logan and Eliot's God daughter Lily. The front is quilted velvet and the backing is satin.

Some handbags...

These two photos are of the same reversible bag.

I cut up an old shirt of mine that I liked and used it to help me make these two.

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