Friday, May 29, 2009

Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu Jie)

This is a festival in China to celebrate the beginning of the 5th month. It's celebrated on the 5th of May according to the lunar calendar, so this year it was celebrated on our 28th of May. It's tradition to have dragon boat races during this time, but unfortunately I wasn't able to witness any of these events. But I did get to learn how to make zong zi, a traditional Chinese type of dumpling where sticky rice is wrapped in bamboo leaves and then boiled. They also usually fill it with different types of meat and beans along with the rice.

Attempting to keep the rice inside the bamboo leaf.

A nice lady trying to help a hopeless case.

My Chinese teacher Flora having a go.

Somehow her's turned out perfect.

Finished products prior to cooking.

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