Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lighting Assignment

This week in my photography class, the assignment was on light. The point was to capture light in it's different forms. For example taking a photo that would otherwise be plain and normal if it weren't for the light in the photo. We could use natural light or un natural light. We were given an extra week to complete this assignment, so in the end we should have 10 photos to turn in total. This is what I've done so far.

Silhouetted drums in between sets at the concert the other night Flogging Molly

This light from the neighbors house comes in through our bedroom window every night

Frank Turner: An awesome support band for Flogging Molly

A sculpture in downtown St. Petersburg called The Circular Wave


Matt and Joey said...

Wow, Ash, this stuff is gorgeous! Do you take the photos in B&W or convert them later? Do you play with the levels in your photo software or leave them exactly as you took them? This reminds me so much of the photography classes I took in high school, but your work is AMAZINGly better than anything I ever did. Keep up the good work!

Ashley said...

Wow, thanks guys! I converted the photos to B&W, I like having the color ones as well, but it is a B&W photography class. In some of the photos I feel like you lose a bit of the impact of the light when changing it to B&W, so I definitely played with the levels to bring that white out and really see the contrast in the photo. Would love to see what you did in high school!

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