Monday, July 27, 2009

I Missed That Blue Sky

Our first full week in South Africa was pretty laid back. We’re both just trying to get re-acclimated to life in the western hemisphere. Our first weekend here was wonderful. Saturday we did some wine tasting with friends down in the winelands, and Sunday we spent exploring on our own, and we managed to pick up a BBQ (or Braii as they call it here) on the way.

At the same time though, I think I’m in a bit of a culture shock state. I was signing up at the local gym this week and the guy doing all my paperwork asked me what the biggest difference between South Africa and America is. I thought about it for probably way too long and still, for the life of me I couldn’t think of any differences. I had to explain to him that I’d just been living in China for the past year, and at this point in time, there were no differences to me. Then he started asking me if it was true that the McDonalds meals are bigger in the states, cause he’d heard they were (I’m signing up at the gym people). Again, I disappointed him cause I told him I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a McDonald’s meal, and I definitely hadn’t had one in South Africa. But why is the guy at the gym asking me about McDonald’s?

We both are really happy to be here and just feel like we have a whole new sense of freedom. The weather has been beautiful, and we’ve been lucking out with some great warm sunny days (in the middle of winter mind you). It’s great to see the blue sky again.

~The first Winery "Meerlust"~

~Wine barrels~

~Eliot sipping outside of Spier~


~The smallest one is a normal sized wine bottle~

~Sittin Pretty~

~Cheetahs trying to stay cool~

~They're in love...~

~On the Indian Ocean side, having lunch~

~waddle waddle~

~Taking a break from fishing~

~I just love these little guys~

~Sun going down~

~Striking a pose~

~And another...~

~Taking flight~

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